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Want to pause your game effectively?

Want a drop-in slow-motion effect?

PauseMi is a script that allows you to pause your game, via freezing components and more!
There's also an extra SlowMo feature!
Compatible with Unity 5+
Pauses Without 'Time.timeScale'
PauseMi pauses your game without modifying the timeScale by freezing and suspending components appropriately.
PauseMi has been coded in C# and is not locked behind a dll, allowing you to make your own modifications if you desire.
Logs RigidBody State
PauseMi contains a class to store both RigidBody and RigidyBody2D states and restore them later.
This is used by PauseMi and left open for your own purposes, who knows what you will come up with!
PauseMi comes with a separate SlowMo mode, which modifies the timeScale and pitch of media sources to create an effect similar to Killing Floor's 'Zed Time'.
Extensive Documentation
PauseMi is extensively documented, allowing you to know where you stand with this asset and get running quickly with the system.


Why not use 'Time.timeScale = 0;' instead?

'Time.timeScale = 0;' causes issues when it comes to using FixedUpdate(). As it stops execution of anything physics or time-related, including FixedUpdate().

Whilst Update() is still called on your scripts as it is called when a frame is drawn rather than at a fixed time-step, you need to ensure everything uses Time.deltaTime instead which isn't great if you want to use slow-motion effects.

You can use whichever method you like but we recommend our approach so FixedUpdate() is called at all times.

Lastly, you can still use timeScale with our asset, just by setting SlowMo instead and using a timeScale of 0. So in both cases, you will save yourself time and effort.


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