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We can perform work in multiple areas to produce several types of products. On this page we have compiled a list of areas and some ideas of what we can produce within them.

Each entry marked with a * contains our specialisation, areas we focus on more than others.

Of course, this list is limited and does not describe everything that is possible. If you want something that isn't listed here, feel free to get in touch!


■ Motion Graphics
■ Footage correction
■ Keying
■ Motion tracking
■ Slow-motion
■ 3D and 2D animation
■ Compositing
■ Film titles and logo animation
■ Explosions and particle effects
■ Fluid simulation


■ A companion application to your existing database/web system
■ Compatible with all major desktop and mobile platforms
■ Capable of both 3D and 2D content


■ Changes and repairs to existing drawings
■ Plot to PDF and other formats
■ Drawing templates
■ Electrical layouts over existing blueprints


Petri, the Content-Management-System we use for our websites. Built by us, aimed at bridging the gap between developers and clients. Without sacrificing site quality
■ Custom web databases/applications. We have worked on everything from members sections to traffic management systems
■ All software created for tablet, console PC and mobile compatibility


■ Commercial or personal projects
■ Editing using the latest adobe software
■ Conversion of existing films/video files to other formats (h.264, dvd, blu ray etc)
■ Editing, post-production and colour correction
■ Film coverage, we can even provide extra camera operators on your set
■ DVD/Blu-ray production
■ Multiple personell on location, including a dedicated sound team
■ Full film production service, from set/location to finished film


■ Website layouts, created with multiple platforms in mind
■ Leaflet/Flyer design
■ Business card design
■ Poster and clothing design
■ Logo and branding design


■ Airbrushing
■ Person/object removal
■ Colour correction
■ Silly photo production


■ Commercial or personal projects
■ Location and studio shoots
■ Events coverage


■ Full design and build service
■ Any kind of website
■ All websites created for tablet, console PC and mobile compatibility
■ Legacy mode for outdated browsers (such as IE8)
■ Javascript support with fallbacks in place when this feature is unsupported or disabled
■ Social media apps and widgets, e.g. facebook comments sections and twitter feeds
■ Every site we produce contains the current version of Petri, a maintenance contract is required for further updates to this system

Eager Amoeba® is the trading name for Connor Graham and his freelance associates, specialising in website, database, app and film production.