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A New Eager Amoeba®

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When looking through the website, I realised there was something wrong. When you came here you never really got to know who was behind the operation, what we've accomplished and what we're capable of.
It was also all over the place, unfinished and some sections weren't as good as they could be. It felt empty and neglected.

Basically, Eager Amoeba® seemed unapproachable and impersonal.

So, I set out to try to add a more personal touch to the site. As much as you can when adding personality to any commercial entity, without coming across as disingenuous.

To this effect, a page has been added with details about the founder, Me (Connor Graham). It tells a brief history of my life as-well as how I wound up running Eager Amoeba. The About section has also been expanded, with a better description of Eager Amoeba® and a page where you'll find details on the tools we use.

A shinier home page has been created, taking the concept of our old featured section and simplifying it, to perform better on all platforms, look nicer and become more intuitive in general.

There's now a contact form on the Contact page, as-well as details of operating hours, social media accounts and our new UK landline. The original page looked rather sparse, whereas this new one is less susceptible to spam e-mail and helps people figure out what they want to contact us about when using the new form (a good side-effect of this is that it sorts e-mails easily on our end).

General improvements include tidying the Services and Portfolio pages, as-well as hyperlinks to relevant items throughout the site (such as a link to UK bank holidays on the Contact page).

The biggest change by far has been the addition of this blog and the creation of social media accounts on all popular websites (and some obscure ones such as Kiwi and Peach).

We hope with this blog and our social media presence to be as personable and approachable as you can be when operating as a commercial entity. I hope to make more of these posts updating you on what Eager Amoeba® is doing and any interesting thoughts, videos or photos we may post on our social media accounts.

Lastly, we're hoping to start publishing videos on our YouTube channel. Some instructional, some reviews, some opinionated and a few development diaries on our upcoming games.

Thankyou for reading this, if you want to be notified of our next blog post please subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on any of the following social media accounts:

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Eager Amoeba® is the trading name for Connor Graham and his freelance associates, specialising in website, database, app and film production.