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Domino Barbeau - Logo

2017-09/domino-logo-plain 2017-09/domino-logo-green 2017-09/domino-logo-red

A group of logos we produced for Domino Barbeau, including an animated version.

The intention with this design was to represent the most recognisable things about her brand. Which is both herself and a wide variety of costumes used in her acts.

Animated Intro

The animated intro was also used in a showreel we produced for the performer. This showreel was used to show agencies her wide range of skills within Burlesque performance.

This was created using After Effects. After creating the original logos in Photoshop, the elements were transferred over to After Effects to create a short and simple animation.

The intention was to use the performers face as this is the most recognisable part of her brand, we also liked the idea of portraying a "reveal" in the intro as this is a large part of every Burlesque performance.

Eager Amoeba® is the trading name for Connor Graham and his forays into game development.