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We use adobe creative for nearly everything, this all-in-one subscription service provides file hosting along with photo/video editing, animation software, vector art creation, programming tools and more!


Apache is our go-to web server, with support for linux and most web technologies (PHP/MYSQL) and an open-source license this makes it ideal for our needs. We use an apache lamp stack (apache plus php/mysql and more) to host all of our websites and web databases.


Blender is a competent open-source 3D modelling platform. We use it primarily for fluid, particle and smoke simulation/rendering in our video projects and as a 3D modelling solution for app/game production.


Centos is a linux distribution aimed at web servers, we use this on our VPS and manage several servers with this installed. This is the operating system that our Apache Lamp stack runs upon.


We use mischief as a drawing tool in our digital art workflow, mainly as a concept art/outline sketching aid but it is also usefull due to it's infinite canvas and it's realistic imitation of commonly used artists mediums (pen, paint etc).


Petri is our custom built content management system, it's used as a basis to edit websites and manage databases. It's integrated into our web based products when required. Currently in it's second iteration, being re-built completely for it's third.


We use progeCAD as our CAD software, this being a competitor to AutoCAD it is capable enough to suit our needs (primarily electrical layouts over existing blueprints).


Unity is a cross-platform game engine, this means we can create games and apps that deploy to multiple platforms effortlessly. Including android, IOS, Linux, Mac and Windows.

Eager Amoeba® is the trading name for Connor Graham and his freelance associates, specialising in website, database, app and film production.