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Beamtime is a script intending to create dynamic laser beams that interact with each other and the environment.

Want to have your lasers intersect with each other?
Want those intersecting lasers to merge and create a third laser?
Want to have your lasers reflect when hitting colliders?

This script can do all of the above and more!
3D and 2D modes
Works in both 2D and 3D games, contains a switch to turn on/off 2D mode. In 2D mode, only 2D vectors/colliders are use. In 3D, only 3D vectors/colliders are taken into account.
Interaction With Colliders
Beamtime feaures lasers that interact with colliders. They can be stopped by them, passthrough or reflect off of them.
Intersect, Merge and Reflect
Each laser can intersect with others, merge and create a third reflection laser using the combined power of it's parents.
Each laser is capable of holding power, this is stoed via a variable that can change depending upon what happens during simulation.
Material Effects
Have reflection, passthrough and hit dependant upon materials when hitting colliders.
Custom Shader
Includes a custom shader for lasers, backface culling has been turned off to allow lasers to render in reflections.
Line Renderer Compatibility
Fully compaitble with Unity's in-built line-renderer system.
Object Pooling
Comes packaged with a simple object pooling script for optimization.


Beamtime is also a term in particle physics. It's shorthand for the time allocated to a researcher to research particle beams from a particular source

We named our asset Beamtime after it was suggested to us by arcosapphire on reddit. We liked the term and it's meaning so it stuck!

With this asset, you can have your own beams to research.

Enjoy your Beamtime!

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