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Want to know how well a device will perform before your game is even ran?

Want to ensure your game has the correct quality settings on launch?

AQHAT is a Unity plugin that analyses device information and scores it's potential performance, this score can then be used to set quality upon launch or configure anything that requires you know the rough performance of a device.

Cache device and quality data
AQHAT caches data after the first run and will use this cached data on subsequent runs unless a hardware change is detected.
Detect device potential
AQHAT scans a device and gives it a score based upon it's potential performance, this is then provided for use via static variables.
Hardware name scan
AQHAT has an experimental feature to scan GPU/CPU componenet names and assign a score based upon version number and character strings. Further increasing accuracy.
Assign quality on launch
AQHAT contains a robust example script to assign quality on launch based upon the potential performance score.
UWP/tvOS compatible data saving
AQHAT saves data in a way that is compatible with both UWP and tvOS, the two platforms with persistant data saving upon AQHAT release.
Support for benchmark data
AQHAT supports benchmark data in CSV format, which can be account for when scoring a device and helps further increase accuracy.
IOS/tvOS CPU data
Unfortunately Apple does not allow apps to read CPU data from their device, AQHAT can detect which CPU a device has and provides this information for use in static variables.



The name AQHAT is an abbreviation of ‘Auto Quality Hardware Assessment Tool’. Co-incidentally it’s also the name of an obscure figure in Canaanite mythology.

The Epic of Aqhat is an incomplete epic poem telling the story of a son of Danel (Prince Aqhat) who was granted a magical bow by the gods, he was later killed for this bow by the goddess of love and war. It was then lost in the sea while being transported to her by the servant that killed Aqhat. The rest of the tale is lost due to the discovered tablet being only partially intact, however it is assumed to detail a resurrection story that will explain the droughts during summer months in the eastern Mediterranean. The idea being the drought is caused by the death of Aqhat and his resurrection ushers in the fertile months for crop production.

We like this idea and have used aspects of the legend in our branding design for this product, it would be wrong to use the same name as an abbreviation and not reference the magical bow that was owned by said prince. If we were to stretch this we would say it parallels our product by helping you easily hit your quality target for each device, as a magical bow would never miss it’s target.


Eager Amoeba® is the trading name for Connor Graham and his forays into game development.

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