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Asteroid Deathmatch Released

… Asteroid Deathmatch is now out! Asteroid Deathmatch is now out! Very happy this has been released and it seems to have been recevied well so far :) Check it out on Steam here - For the first week a 15% launch…

Written by Eager Amoeba on Friday February 1, 2019

Asteroid Deathmatch

…side-project we've been working on - Asteroid Deathmatch Asteroid Deathmatch is a homage to older games but re-vamped for modern systems, featuring local multiplayer and much more. We've made our Steam page live and will be releasing the game towards the end of this year/beggining of…

Written by Eager Amoeba on Saturday October 27, 2018


…the asset store. Our Blog - For the latest updates and articles. We've also published our first game Asteroid Deathmatch on Steam! Thanks for visiting our website, we hope you enjoy your stay!


…gamedev space selling game development code assets and our debut game Asteroid Deathmatch .

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