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Web & Social Meta Cheat Sheet

…have a handy reference article and downloadable PDF (at the bottom). All web developers know or have heard about the importance of meta tags. Most of you are probably already familiar with these and implement them in your site, but it can't hurt to have a handy reference article and…

Written by Connor Graham on Friday July 29, 2016

Web Reader Compatibility Guide

…has also been converted into a handy reference PDF, like our last article “Web & Social Meta Cheat Sheet”. If you missed this and want to read/download, click here . How it works At it's core, reader mode takes a page, works out if it meets the criteria for reader mode, works…

Written by Connor Graham on Friday August 12, 2016


…and repairs to existing drawings ■ Plot to PDF and other formats ■ Drawing templates ■ Electrical layouts over existing blueprints DATABASES/SYSTEMS* ■ Petri , the Content-Management-System we use for our websites. Built by us, aimed at…

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