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Shifting Priorities

…page or portfolio ), they've moved to my new website - I'm going to be keeping the product pages, gaming related blog posts, film-making porfolio entries and the contact page up. If you need anything made for you, I'm afraid you'll have to contact me over…

Written by Connor Graham on Tuesday March 5, 2019


…also published our first game Asteroid Deathmatch on Steam! Thanks for visiting our website, we hope you enjoy your stay!


…The business then expanded into animation, websites, software/database development and much much more. At the beginning of 2019 all freelance work was moved across to his personal website , in an effort to grow his own name and reputation in the software development space rather than…

Music In The Gardens - 2012

…a commercial entity. This project helped forge a relationship that led to us managing their website for the next 4 years. false

Music In The Gardens - 2013

…This was part of a relationship where we produced yearly documentaries and managed their website for the next 4 years. false

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