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A New Eager Amoeba®

…and neglected. When looking through the website, I realised there was something wrong. When you came here you never really got to know who was behind the operation, what we've accomplished and what we're capable of. It was also all over the place, unfinished and some sections weren't as…

Written by Connor Graham on Thursday July 7, 2016

Sheffield Stainless

…of characters, then having them randomly display in the top-right corner. this adds the necessary variation to an otherwise plain and simple website. This is the first live implementation of our CMS 'Petri'.

Music in the Gardens

…a relationship where we produced yearly documentaries ( 2012 and 2013 are currently online) and managed this website.

Web Reader Compatibility Guide

…plain text (and images with some), making your website compatible should be a priority. Particularly on pages with a lot of text and especially if you have a unique design. Presumably we all have devices with reader mode, be it your web browser, tablet, smartphone or TV in some cases. This…

Written by Connor Graham on Friday August 12, 2016

DSL Menu

…Limited asked us to help them finish a website for them, we created the templates header, footer and the icons on the home screen. Datech Scientific Limited asked us to help them finish a website for them, we created the templates header, footer and the icons on the home screen. …

Wortley Rotary Club

…we produced for the Wortley Rotary Club. A website we produced for the Wortley Rotary Club. With this website we wanted to portray a professional and warm clubhouse, where the content is reminiscent of notices on the wall. Whilst of course remaining within the branding guidelines…


…also published our first game Asteroid Deathmatch on Steam! Thanks for visiting our website, we hope you enjoy your stay!


…Full design and build service ■ Any kind of website ■ All websites created for tablet, console PC and mobile compatibility ■ Legacy mode for outdated browsers (such as IE8) ■ Javascript support with fallbacks in place when this feature is unsupported or disabled ■ Social media…


…plus php/mysql and more) to host all of our websites and web databases. BLENDER 3D Blender is a competent open-source 3D modelling platform. We use it primarily for fluid, particle and smoke simulation/rendering in our video projects and as a 3D modelling…


…One of my dreams as a child was owning my own website (now I own several and manage a few servers!). Upon leaving school I studied business, photography, psychology and media at Hillsborough College. I also manage to get an internship at a small media company called Mash Production. …

Eager Amoeba® is the trading name for Connor Graham and his freelance associates, specialising in website, database, app and film production.