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Shifting Priorities

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Hi all, Connor here with a quick update.

Since it's inception Eager Amoeba has been my trading name for all of my freelance endeavors, this has some advantages (mainly acting as a barrier between my name and my reputation) and some disadvantages (that barrier attaches my accomplishments to the trading name than my full name).

That's about to change.

I've decided to start trading under my legal name (Connor Graham) for software development and to move all game development products under Eager Amoeba.

I'll also be keeping all commercial film-making here.

This separation allows me to keep the reputation gained in the gaming/film space without a major re-brand on all assets while growing my name within software development. At least. that's the plan!

If you've come here looking for content related to software development (the two HTML articles, services page or portfolio), they've moved to my new website -

I'm going to be keeping the product pages, gaming related blog posts, film-making porfolio entries and the contact page up.

If you need anything made for you, I'm afraid you'll have to contact me over Eager Amoeba from now on (unless it's film related).

The future's looking bright!


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