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Unity 5.6 & Beamtime 1.0.2

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Hello there!

A post to let you know that Beamtime has now been updated to 1.0.2.

We've also updated all of our assets to be compatible with Unity 5.6

The full changelog for Beamtime is as follows:

-Added tags as an option for reflection scan, recommended over materials due to GC reduction and performance increase.
-Fixed the system breaking when pooling was disabled.
-Improved hitmask on prefabs
-Modified documentation to make it more clear that hitmask is referring to a layermask on raycasts
-Fixed the change from fixedupdate to update causing issues with charge lasers
-Fixed a bug where end caps would not spawn on child lasers

This asset is geared towards creating dynamic laser beams, to be used as weapons or a central mechanic in Unity games.

More info can be found on the product page for it.

We also updated our promo material, which includes the snazzy new features video featured at the top!

Link to buy -


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